Simple And Effective Ideas to Improve Your Home and Enjoy It More All Year Round
Simple And Effective Ideas to Improve Your Home and Enjoy It More All Year Round

Simple And Effective Ideas to Improve Your Home and Enjoy It More All Year Round

It is magical what decoration gives us. Wonderful experiences in spaces that welcome us and, best of all, meeting beautiful people passionate about imperfect homes. That happened to me with Isa, to whom I am very grateful for her patience and for giving me a little piece of her space in which I feel comfortable at home.

And to help you, dear reader, feel happy in your home, I bring you ten ideas and small and effective actions to balance your spaces, improve your energy, and enjoy your home all year round. 

Reorganize Your Distribution

Sometimes, a space doesn’t work, you don’t feel comfortable in it, and you don’t know why. Maybe it’s because you haven’t found the best distribution yet.

The house is usually arranged according to what is established and does not have to be that way. Perhaps your living room should be your work or your little one’s play area. Because of how you live at home, those activities you practice most.

Clear The Space

The energy that moves at home sometimes stagnates among so many things we have. I suggest you clear your spaces, starting with the floor. Especially the transit areas. They are the communication of your home. If they don’t work, the rest doesn’t flow.

A Place for Everything

This is something that, in addition to helping you clear spaces, will be your solution to clutter. The answer to the question of how to get a tidy house is to have a place for everything. Know where it belongs so that you can easily return it once you finish using it.

Aesthetic And Functional Auxiliaries

Lean on pretty baskets or trunks that can be visible because they are so decorative. They are a very functional aesthetic solution without the need for large furniture.

Order The Seen Spaces

I don’t know about you, but I love display cases, nightstands, and almost any furniture where I can display my treasures. It is the most personal way to decorate your house and make it talk about you.

But, of course, those spaces have a double edge. If they are cluttered with things, they produce negative feelings. If you have this type of furniture, put it in order. Remove everything that does not inspire you when you see it or breaks the harmony of the space. It will help you balance.

Create Vignettes That Inspire You

If you don’t know what to do with those spaces, with your shelves or spaces, I encourage you to create vignettes or compositions of elements. Creating personal corners with your favorite pieces that brighten your eyes and heart whenever you look at them is easier than you think.

Subliminal Messages

Living in an environment that inspires you is essential to feel vitality. If you’ve ever read a book that energizes you, it may be because its message helps you release endorphins.

Imagine what it would be like if you had in your favorite corners, those where you like to spend more time, messages that encourage you to achieve what you want or remind you of moments and people that are important to you. Write down that phrase that makes you vibrate and frame it. You can embroider, paint, and draw it, whatever you do best. Furthermore, it will always be charged with your beautiful energy while you create it.